GUTTSA - Industrial Gutter Relining & Servicing
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GUTTSA - Industrial Gutter Relining


Manufactured in South Australia to ISO9000 quality standards
500um, double layered UV stabilised polymer
Available in a range of sizes
Fits any size and shape of gutter
Non toxic - safe for the environment

GUTTA-LINER is glued to existing gutter.

Installing GUTTA-LINER is easy, place the Kit at one of the gutter and drag it off the roll, walking towards the other end.

Drag GUTTA-LINER to far end of the gutter, use many hands to support the liner as you go being careful not to catch liner on sharp protrusions,then folding it in half, drop the liner into position and firm into shape.
GUTTA-LINER is inert and completeley safe to use; download the Material Safety Data Sheet here
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