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Guttsa was founded in 1997 by a Plumber,Adam Finlayson,when he was asked to repair a leaking Box gutter that had been repaired "50"times already over the many years. GUTT-LINER was invented and the job was a huge success.

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Our People
Guttsa employs tradespeople who have been trained to install GUTTA-LINER. We guarantee that every liner is installed correctly.
Adam Finlayson CEO
While enjoying View out of State Bank Building looking North I see our GUTTSA Sign next door! We're a proud South Australian Company.
Guttsa is dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment.

Guttsa has developed an environmental policy. Guttsa's commitment to the environment starts during employee induction and is integrated into standard work instructions practiced on every job.
Guttsa is dedicated to maintaining a safe work place. Our employees are trained in standard work instructions that have been developed using established safe work practices.

Guttsa has developed a safety policy and can fully comply with your safety and OH&S requirements.
Guttsa provides the very best service. Guttsa has developed a quality system that starts during employee induction and is reinforced through installation training modules.

Standard procedures and quality plans have been developed using established safe and best work practices and over nine years experience, thousands of jobs and miles of liner.
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Variety Bash- SA We are very happy to support our friends.
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GUTTSA RACING SS Ute at Mallalla Drift Practice
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GUTTSA sponsors the Super Bike racingwheresgutty Page
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We are fully accredited members of master Builders Assoc.
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