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Roof Servicing

Guttsa roof servicing protects your assets using a customised maintenance program that allows you to prioritise and budget for repairs, before it leaks!

Our standard work practices and equipment make our operations well suited for this high risk work. Guttsa has the experience and capability to meet your roof servicing needs.

Roof Servicing Includes:
  • Repairing weather damage
  • Sealing leaks
  • Repairing vents /Flews/Flashings
  • Removing rubbish
  • Checking storm water systems
  • Down Pipes
  • Rain Heads
  • Sumps
  • Drains
  • Cross Overs
  • Value for money
    Preventative maintenance minimises the risk of water damage to your building or business.
  • Allow our computerised servicing management system to look after your asset. Schedule gutter cleaning just after that tree drops all of its leaves - that's the Guttsa advantage!
  • Neglect causes roof system failure!
    You roof consists of Sheeting,Capping, Gutters and Flashings. All require maintenance to prevent further damage and leaks.
  • Rusty roof sheets or loose nails allow sheets to move in high winds.
  • Loose screws or Rivets from Cappings and Flashings allow joints to leak.
  • Leaves and wind born debris collect at down pipes causing blockages
  • If no over flows in Box gutter it means that blocked down pipes cans cause the gutter to overflow inside building.