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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been relining Box gutters?
Since 1997, so over 18 years.

How many metres or jobs have you done?
Over 250km and 3000 jobs World wide.

Do you glue the liner down?

How much glue do I need per metre?
10mm wide "Bead" in a 'Castle' pattern-100mm apart.

What type of glue do I use?
Guttsa uses construction grade adhesive including Dupont 'Mastic' and Sellys 'Liquid Nails'.

Do I use the same glue around Downpipe or overflows?
No,we use Silicon sealant.

What is GUTTA-LINER made of?
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is the same product used for Ponds and Dams.

Where is it made?
South Australia by our registered manufacturer to our specific formula.

How long does it last?
GUTTA-LINER has a Ten year warranty*

How much does it cost to have installed?
Generally around $55/metre if over 100 metres but depends on the length and safety issues.

How much to do my house Box Gutter?
Ten metre standard reline job is $890 + GST.

Do you roll special lengths to custom order ?
Yes we can, however re-rolling and cutting costs apply.

Can I do it myself?
Yes, if you have basic Handyman skills, liners come in 10m,20m,30m and 100m.

Can you do house gutters?
Yes, but only in a DIY kit that has comprehensive instructions.

What is the widest liner you make?
1500mm, but has a 6 week lead time from our supplier.

Do you go interstate?
Yes we have teams of installers that service all areas.

Does GUTTA-LINER expand and contract?
GUTTA-LINER is designed to expand and contract and therefore is unaffected by expansion and contraction.

Can you order on online?
Yes- go to the Gutt-Shop